Well, this is my first blog post ever ... I suppose I'm supposed to be witty and clever, but both those attributes have eluded me throughout my life.

So.... Its the start of 2012, some say it will be the end of days for mankind .... I personally think some Mayan mason ran out of rock on which to etch a load of symbols, which would be misinterpreted centuries later ...

I can see the picture now ...

"Hey Kocopitto, this rock isn't big enough to fit everything on...!"
Kocopitto shrugs and replies
"Thats really gonna fuck those paleskins up in the future ...."

Anyway moving on.... Today was a good day, two more of my tunes Downstream and Rock the Disco have been released by the record company .. links are on the main page. I've been working hard on making some promo videos for the tracks, and I am massively impressed at how well they have been received. It saddens me a little though, that in our multimedia age, music seems to have to be accompanied by a selection of moving images to have as much impact, but hey ho, thems the breaks I suppose.

Well, I think this has gone quite well.... I'm not known as the chatty type (!) so I'll be off ... I hope to keep this blog updated fairly regularly, so please feel free to return and have a little look around in the near future .... as long as Kocopitto's stonemason friend wasn't right after all.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe ... theres a world out there !